Ways to celebrate Earth Day 2023!

Learn while you earn!

This year marks the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day! In order to protect our planet, we need to invest in it. But how do we invest in the planet? 

It’s quite simple really! You can:

  • Plant trees or a pollinator garden

​Trees are essential and one of the most powerful beings to combat the climate crisis. Plant some trees with your friends and your family to restore and repair the healthy climate Earth once had! Pollinator Gardens are just as important for pollinators such as bees & butterflies, are critical to sustaining biodiversity in our ecosystems!


  • Reduce your plastic consumption

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce! Utilize your plastics effectively and safely to cut down on the ever-growing pollution of plastics in our environment. Waste less so as to keep your environment green and clean!

  • Participate in advocacy

Education is key in protecting our home - Earth. Learn more about the science behind climate change and show responsibility by taking climate actions to higher levels in your communities! Don’t be afraid to speak up about pollution to your authorities or correct your fellow persons when they forego their environmental responsibility! Everyone should make the right choice to protect the Earth.

  • Make sustainable fashion choices

​Though fast fashion has revolutionized the apparel industry, it's not for the better. Learn how detrimental fast fashion can be and make the commitment to responsible consumption.

  • Plan your own event

​Gather friends and family and plan your own Earth Day event! You can do beach cleanups, community cleanups, or even reforestation drives!​

  • Donate

Give back to your local community, to a sustainable movement, or to an advocacy campaign to support your fellow activist by adding your voice to the cause! Why not Invest in WePlanet? - Feel free to check out and share our GoFundMe to help WePlanet Inc. scale!

  • Activate on Social Media

​If you are actively participating in Earth Day, share it on social media to inspire others and communicate the importance of climate action. It could be the simple act of cleaning your local riverside! Share and tag WePlanet!

It’s time to get inspired, take action and ultimately be a part of the green revolution!