About the App!

App Sections:

  • Eco-Points- Features a Loyalty Programme that rewards app users for bringing in their reusable bags at our various partner locations. ‘Eco-Points’ can be earned when consumers use their own reusable shopping bags or biodegradable containers at participating supermarkets and restaurants, buy eco-friendly products, or complete any other eco-action possible at the partner location. Click 'SCAN QR CODE' to earn points.  

  • Clubcard- This is a sub-section of the Eco-Points page. Points earned in the Eco-Points section will be accumulated to earn even more rewards. Based on the number of Eco-Points a user has, they will be classified as a Silver, Bronze or Gold member, making them eligible to receive special rewards. 

  • Eco-Spots- A graphical list of our partners and eco-friendly businesses where users can earn Eco-Points for completing eco-actions. The contact information and details are listed for each Eco-Spot. 
  • Eco-Challenges-  Registered users can access and are encouraged to participate in quarterly challenges. Groups or individuals can participate in these challenges to earn prizes.  Participants will make their submissions using the 'Eco-Submission' section. The activities are geared towards creating are more sustainable environment. 
  • Eco-Warriors-  Feature all the challenges submitted via the app for people to view and comment on. This is essentially our user hub for eco-friendly videos and images.
  • Eco-Learn- Showcases videos, images, articles and links, that provide relevant information on various environmental topics.

Access the App:

For Native App Users: Visit the Google Play Store or IOS App Store to install the app directly on your device. 

For PWA App Users: Interested users must visit www.weplanet.app on their mobile devices. The site can be accessed on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Samsung Internet, or any other web browser. The app user must then accept Push Notifications and 'Install App' or 'Add to Homescreen'. Once you are able to access the app from your home screen, it has successfully been installed. Due to our Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, the WePlanet App does not take up any space on your phone.