Snap & Chat Eco-Challenge

Small Actions.
Big Change.

As the year draws to an end let us reflect...

What does sustainability mean to you?

TASK: Take a PHOTO of the first item, or scenery that reminds you of environmental sustainability. Share 2-3 sentences as to why you took that picture. There is no right or wrong photo! Just Snap & Chat!


  • In your submission, include 2-3 sentences on why that item or scenery was chosen. Include the words "environmental sustainability". 

  • The PHOTO must be original and not copied from online. Photo can depict any item or scenery in your day-to-day spaces.

  • Make your submission via the app, using 'Eco-Submissions' 

  • Provide your full name and contact information (phone number, email address etc.) when submitting (update your profile to include these details). If submitting on behalf of a club or organization please include the name of the organization. 


  • Reflection (Be sure to engage others in conversation about what sustainability means and reflect on why the picture taken represents environmental sustainability to you)

  • Phone or Camera (a professionally taken photo is not mandatory)

DEADLINE: January 16th, 2023 at 11:55 pm. 

WINNER: All submissions will be placed in the Eco-Warriors Section, and shared on the WePlanet Facebook page. The winner will be chosen at random through a virtual raffle and will be announced in the third week of January 2023 on WePlanet's Facebook and Instagram pages. 

PRIZE: $50USD Amazon Gift Card