Mangrove Eco-Challenge

Small Actions.
Big Change.

As we celebrate World Mangrove Day let us test our...

Mangrove Knowledge!

TASK: In 100 - 200 words describe why mangroves are more than just trees. Additionally, choose any Caribbean country and state 2-3 facts that are known about mangroves in that country.


  • In your submission, be sure to describe why are mangroves important and what role(s) they play in the eco-system.

  • All submissions should include the phrase 'Mangroves are Guardians of Coastal Ecosystems'. 

  • The TEXT must be original and not copied from online. 

  • Make your text submission via the app, using 'Eco-Submissions' 

  • Visit the Eco-Learn section to learn more about mangroves

  • Provide your full name and contact information (phone number, email address etc.) when submitting (update your profile to include these details). If submitting on behalf of a club or organization please include the name of the organization. 


  • Research (Be sure to learn more about mangroves by talking to others, and researching online)

  • Device to make text submissions in the WePlanet app

DEADLINE: August 26th, 2023 at 11:55 pm. 

WINNER: All submissions will be placed in the Eco-Warriors Section.  All submissions will be judged and the individual/group with the most accurate response will be chosen as the winner. 

PRIZE: $50USD Amazon Gift Card