Sort At Source

Small Actions.
Big Change.

TASK:  Join the ‘Sort At Source’ Eco-Challenge and take a step towards a greener future by creating your own recycling bin station at home! The aim of this challenge is to encourage individuals or families to sort plastics, glass, and paper waste effectively, contributing to a cleaner environment and a more sustainable planet. By sorting your waste at its source, you're not only reducing landfill waste but also making it easier for recyclable materials to be processed and reused. Join the Sort At Source Eco-Challenge today and make a meaningful impact on the environment by taking simple yet significant steps towards sustainable waste management!


  • Upload a photo or video showcasing your recycling station in the ‘Eco-Submissions’ section of the WePlanet App. 

  • Set up a recycling bin station in your home or designated area (you can be as creative as you like, once the bin station is functioning and is utilised to sort your waste) 

  • Clearly label bins or containers for plastics, glass, and paper waste etc..

  • Educate yourself and your family members on what items can be recycled in each category.

  • Commit to sorting your waste regularly and properly disposing of it in the designated bins or to the Dominica Solid Waste Landfill.


  • Recycling bins or containers for Organic Waste, Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Tin Cans & General Waste 

  • Labels or signs indicating which materials belong in each bin.

  • Education materials on recycling guidelines (can be found online or provided by local waste management authorities).

  • Commitment from all household members or individuals to participate in sorting waste.

DEADLINE: June 3rd, 2024


To earn more rewards and Eco-Points dispose of your sorted waste responsibly by either dropping it off directly at the Dominica Solid Waste Management Landfill or following the schedule for recycled waste pick-up in your area.