Our First Eco-Warrior: Amy's Christmas Ornaments

~Small Actions.Big Change~
Eco-Warrior Amy

Take a look at Amy's Eco-Submission! Isn't it amazing?! Comment what you think. 

Items used:
Plastic tape roll
Metal pointy tool(ice pricker)
Toilet paper/paper towel rolls
Glue gun
Shiney stones
After the awful disaster at the Smith house, we quickly located all the empty tape rolls which were used to wrap the numerous gifts, and converted them into beautiful hanging ornaments for the tree using Glue and glitter. They were hung from top to bottom like fruits to give a beautiful shine when the lights came on. We also cut up some empty paper towels and toilet paper rolls and made huge flower ornaments with glitter and stones. Placed at the bottom of the tree to keep the gifts company. A few shiny stones were added and taa daaaa, the Smith Christmas was saved!!!!