Eco-Warrior Nadlie: Mangrove Eco-Challenge

~Small Actions.Big Change~
Eco-Warrior Nadlie

Mangroves are guardians of the Coastal Ecosystem

Throughout my life, my fascination with mangroves has only grown stronger. They are much more than mere trees; they form entire ecosystems that serve as vital homes to a diverse range of marine life. Beyond that, mangroves act as protectors of coastlines, shielding them from the harsh impact of erosion and storm surges while also filtering out pollutants from the surrounding waters.

In Dominica, despite the presence of only a few small patches of mangroves, their ecological significance cannot be understated. These small areas serve as nurseries for numerous fish and shellfish species, and their presence is crucial in safeguarding the coastline from the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Here are a couple of intriguing facts about mangroves in Dominica:

1. Although the total area covered by mangroves in Dominica is just about 0.1 square kilometers, their impact on the local ecosystem is profound.

2. The black mangrove (Avicennia germinans) and white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa) are the two most common species of mangroves found in Dominica.

3. Within the embrace of Dominica's mangroves, a rich tapestry of marine life thrives, encompassing a variety of fish, shellfish, and crabs.

I'm deeply grateful that these precious mangroves still exist in Dominica, and I wholeheartedly advocate for their protection to ensure that future generations can experience their wonders too.